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Think Pink ♥ Dr. Seuss's Pink Yink Ink Dessert

Our Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration was fairly low-key this year. My "spare time" has been limited lately, so I didn't get a chance to plan an elaborate, creative menu, plus we had a busy schedule this weekend. We settled on ordering from our favorite Chinese place and Pink Sh*t for dessert.

Pink Sh*t is not the official name, but it's what my family has called it for as long as I can remember. This family recipe was a favorite of my great-aunt Regina, and goes by Regina's Pink Dessert, Cherry Nut Dessert (although it's not cherry flavored, and I don't make it with nuts because my family doesn't like it that way), Pink Oreo Dessert, and lately, Pink Yink Ink Dessert, because I include it occasionally on our Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration menu.

This is probably my number one favorite dessert. It's like happiness on a fork. Many people have asked me for the recipe, so here it is!
Great-Aunt Regina's Pink DessertPlace a large glass batter bowl and…

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