Countdown to TLTYS

Come visit me over at Instagram for your chance to win a signed copy of THE LAST THING YOU SAID! 

I love Minnesota, the four seasons, its 10k plus lakes. My family started staying at a cabin on Lake Bertha every summer when I was about nine or ten, and those weeks have always held a special place in my heart and in my memories. Much of TLTYS was inspired by my time in the Brainerd Lakes area, and now I bring my own little family there at least once a year. 

As I count down the days to the official release date, I'm sharing photos of places I love that inspired the setting of the book: Duluth and the North Shore of Lake Superior and the fictional Brainerd Lakes area town of Halcyon Lake. 

Follow me, 💗 the #CountdowntoTLTYS posts, and answer the Question of the Day in the comments to be entered into an international drawing. Winner will be announced on April 4. 


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