Creative Friends

It's good to have creative friends.

My husband is talented in many ways -- he plays guitar, dabbles in piano and drums, played trumpet.  He's an artist.  He brews beer, creating his own recipes.  He builds Legos with our children.  Today he and Birdy had a sick day at home and designed the most amazing Duplo house.  I love that even though he may not always have time for his art and his creativity, it surrounds us and he understands my need to create as well.

Having a career and children has eaten up a lot of time that I would have spent writing, I'll admit.  But I will also admit that in the years since I finished my thesis, I haven't always made writing a priority.  I'm finding more and more that I need creative friends to inspire and encourage me to do that.  Writing friends, yes, but friends that are creative in other ways as well.

Lately I've been inspired by my friend Maris of Maris Ehlers Photography.  I've known Maris since our sons were babies together at a local preschool.  Even though the boys are at different schools now, we've stayed in touch over the years, we're in a book club together, and she has taken the kids' portraits on occasion.  She is passionate about her art, she's passionate about bringing out her subjects' stories, she's amazingly talented.  She's one of those people who can get you excited about anything.  She approaches life -- and her craft -- with enthusiasm and courage, and she encourages everyone around her to do so as well. 

Look around.  Where do you find inspiration?  From nature, from other artists, from music, from beloved books you've read again and again?  Think about your sources of inspiration and encouragement.  Go there.  Create.

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  1. Aw, Sara. Thank you! :)

    I find inspiration in the most unlikely places. Fabric stores, going for a drive, random conversations, and honestly, things my kids do and say is a big one for me. Especially during play. You inspire me, too. It was fun dreaming about your rockin' 50's Anniversary session that is SOOO going to happen this summer!


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