Write Now '11

July has been a productive month so far.  I have written every single day, a huge accomplishment.  In fact, I am taking a quick break to write this, so it will be a short post.

In addition to my new piece (working title BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN), I'm once again going over CLOUD 9.   I've cleaned up sentences, killed a few darlings, and made some significant changes that address some feedback I received from an agent earlier this year. 

I saw a quote this week -- I wish I could remember where -- that said something along the lines of this: if you continue to be rejected, it's not the query that needs work, it's the manuscript.  Point taken.  I should be back in querying mode by next week.

My other work-in-progress, which still needs a new title, sadly continues to collect dust.  August, dear middle child, I promise.

Side note:  Playing on Toad's radio right now -- Secondhand News by Fleetwood Mac.  Great song.