YA Book-A-Day Vacation

As of 6 pm, I am officially on vacation until Monday, August 29th.  Even though I will spend several hours keeping up with work from a remote location, I am feeling quite content at the moment.  My to-do list is very long -- beginning with Birdy and me visiting the Fancy Nancy Salon for haircuts at 8 am tomorrow and the spending the rest of our day blitz-cleaning the house before Auntie M.'s arrival Sunday -- and I added another fantastic item to the list on the way home from work this evening.

Last night I loaded up my nook with library e-books for my trip.  I am going to attempt to read all of them over the next nine days, a YA book each day of vacation.  This in addition to completing the revisions of CLOUD 9, reading it aloud to myself, working on my blog, further exploring twitter, and querying.  And the latter half of my week will revolve around Birdy's surgery on Thursday morning and her subsequent convalescing. 

No sweat.

First up: A Field Guide to Heartbreakers by Kristen Tracy.


  1. Hi, we're in the same YA campaign group and I wanted to say hello. I've just been admiring your book-a-day vacation goal and your current reading list. I've never been able to read more than one book at once, I start mixing up plots when I try.


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