30DSC 19: Finally, the Jayhawks


30-Day Song Challenge Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album

The Jayhawks.  Hollywood Town Hall.  Pure love.

My love affair with the Jayhawks dates back to Modern Rock KJ104 days, early 90s.  I was always partial to the Minnesota music scene in my high school days (and beyond) -- The Replacements, the Gear Daddies, Soul Asylum (and yes, Limited Warranty) -- and when I first heard the perfect harmonies and compelling lyrics of the Jayhawks, I was hooked.  There is something about this band that draws me in and keeps me close.

I love love love this band.  Gary Louris is a genius.  

I have seen the Jayhawks in various stages of their existence many, many times over the years.  One of my greatest memories is from the time they played in the street outside of the Walker Art Center and Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis one rainy summer night in the late 90s.

Me and Gary ~ Basilica Block Party ~ July 2009

First Avenue ~ July 2010

I've used Jayhawks song titles and lyrics in my writing several times.  I've written a short story called "Trouble" and one called "Settled Down Like Rain," after my favorite song on my favorite Jayhawks album, Hollywood Town Hall.  I recently used lyrics from the song in a scene in CLOUD 9.

Here's the video for "Settled Down Like Rain" from 1993.  Oh, they look so young.  

 You packed up your bags and belongings
And crept out through the back
The sound of footprints on the ground

Your words hung high in the rafters

And settled down like rain
Remain happy ever after
Happy ever after

The Jayhawks are officially back together.  They just released "Mockingbird Time."  Happy ever after.


  1. Love The Jayhawks. I'm glad they got back together to make more music.


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