30DSC: Days 8 and 9

30-Day Song Challenge Days 8 and 9: A Song You Know All the Words To and  A Song That You Can Dance To

Sure, I get behind one day and suddenly I'm behind two more.  I spent the weekend in Mankato with six fantastic women from college and returned home to a boy with a badly broken toe just home from the emergency room in a black walking cast, so I haven't really had blogging on the brain.  So I will quickly catch up tonight.

The first song - a song I know all the words to?  Really?  I know the words to a lot of songs, doesn't everyone?  I'm going to go with one of the first songs -- actually, an entire album -- that came to mind: "That Thing You Do!"  by the Wonders.  The movie of the same name is easily my favorite movie of the 1990s and I love everything about it.  Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. Shades. Steve Zahn. That scene when they first hear their song on the radio and they all meet at Patterson's and dance around the appliances. TB Player.  I mean, that stuff never gets old. I named my car Spartacus after that movie.

Brilliant, just brilliant.  And I just happen to know all the words to all the songs on the soundtrack.  Here's one:

And now, a song I can dance to.  Ah, dancing.  I don't really dance much anymore, but once upon a time I did.  Hammer Guy and I even learned how to dance for our wedding.  Our friends Mike and Beth taught us to dance in the living room of our town house the summer before we were married.  We were fairly decent.  Here's one of the songs that I remember from those lessons:

And here's the conversation I just had with my husband as I was playing the song:

Me: Do you remember this song?
HG: No.
Me: Really?  You don't remember learning to dance to this song for our wedding?
HG: No.
Me: Really?
HG: Yes.  It was magical, Sara.

I love him. 


  1. That Thing You Do is a great movie, you are right! And I like both of your songs. Sorry to hear about the boy's toe. I've done that before and wow does it ever hurt!

  2. I always name my band the Oneders for Rock Band. Not that you have to name anything when you play, but it makes it much more fun. And great Chiffons song!


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