30DSC: My Least Favorite Song

30-Day Song Challenge Day 2: My Least Favorite Song

Now this is going to be difficult.  You see, I am just as passionate about songs that I hate as I am songs that I love.  So many songs, so little time to write about how much I hate them.

So, for aforementioned lack of time, I will go with "Runaround" by Blues Traveler.  I've never been a big fan of Blues Traveler, although they were tolerable for a brief time.  This song -- ugh.  I hate it.  And the main reason I hate it?  Because I get it stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.  I hear one teensy note of it on the radio before my reflexes kick in to change the station and I'm a goner.  It's stuck there, sometimes for days.  It's so aggravating. 

Maybe that's a silly reason to hate a song, but there it is.  Ick, I hope that writing about it doesn't plant it firmly in my head for days and days....


  1. LOL!! Well, that IS one of those songs that gets in your head and lingers for a while :-)


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