30DSC22: A Song You Listen to When You're Sad

Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You"

Oddly enough, this was the song playing on the radio when the kids woke me up this morning.  It's a song for the days when you're missing those you've lost. Today I'm remembering two friends in particular.

Twenty-two years ago today, the world lost a brilliant, creative, energetic girl named Nicole. She was sixteen and, just as she had made a difference in life, the impact of her death on her classmates was great and long-lasting. We remember you always, Nicole.

A few years later, I faced one of my greatest challenges as a manager when a friend and co-worker, Pete, lost his life in a motorcycle accident.  He and his girlfriend had just found out she was pregnant. He was so young and his death left a definite void in the warehouse. We missed his smile, his laughter, his biting wit.  A month later I put together a video for a staff meeting with a tribute to Pete and this is the song I used.  Pete, I will remember you.

Weep not for the memories.