30DSC28: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

It's not a song as much as it's an entire album.

My senior year of college, 1995, the same spring of the infamous Couch Burning Party at Park Point, I borrowed a CD from a guy I affectionately called Mailroom Bob.

Starland Music Presents Rockin' USA, available only through a very special television offer!  36 rockin' hits from the 80s.

My guess is that I borrowed the CD for Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts," because I either don't care for the majority of the songs on this special two-CD set or I already owned them on other compilation discs.

And I guess I just never bothered to give it back.  So I feel a tiny bit guilty about that.  I mean, he paid $26.95 plus shipping and handling and had only owned it for a couple of months when I borrowed it.

Sorry, Mailroom Bob.

Please watch the commercial for this CD.  You will pee your pants laughing.

And here's Stacey Q, "Two of Hearts" for good measure.