30DSC30: The Final Song

30-Day Song Challenge Day 30: Your Favorite Song at this Time Last Year

This is an easy one. I heard it on my way to with this morning, followed by Song #15, "Lost in my Mind."

My favorite song at this time last year was "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol.  This time last year I was writing my first draft of EVERYWHERE AT ONCE, and this song is perfect for Josie and Hud, two characters that had a tough time figuring out that they should be together.   When I hear it, I think of Hud, who can only be so patient.  Just say yes, Josie.


This is a timely song for today, a day when I would normally be excited for the challenge of NaNo, National Novel Writing Month. But today, I've made a difficult decision: this year, I will not participate.  There are several reasons why the timing is not right for my family life and my worklife, but ultimately, it comes down to prioritizing.  NaNo has been a great way for me to "give myself permission to write," as Dave Eggers wrote last year, and I still plan to challenge myself to write every day in November, but I need to get back to Josie and Hud. They've been neglected far too long.

I'll be cheering on my fellow WriMos from the sidelines as I work on revising and polishing a manuscript that holds a lot of potential.

You're the only way to me
The path is clear
What do I have to say to you
For God's sake, dear