February Recharge

A strange, serendipitous thing happened yesterday at work.  A business and success coach hosted an Open House in our conference room, and because her prospective clients were unable to attend, she offered me a complimentary coaching session.  She already had some background info on me: we live in the same small town on the river and she knows that I am a writer.  She could also tell by my body language that I've been in a bit of a slump.

So I was excited and appreciative that she spent time with me.  She really dug deep to find out what's holding me back at the moment and to talk about how I can move past my current roadblocks to achieve my goals.  I'm talking the long view here.  She helped me put together a simple plan -- the steps I should take to get back on track.

Did we talk about doing anything I haven't already done at one point or another?  No.  Have I been painfully aware that November, December, and January were unproductive and I need to move past that?  Yes, of course.  But talking with her was a jump start I needed to get my act together.

Now, instead of wondering which of two paths I should take, I've been able to talk through my concerns and apprehensions and I have a clear idea once again.

The things on my immediate to-do list are simple, basic, but get me moving forward again.  I will reach my goal and realize my dream.  I started today by reclaiming my lunch break.  Instead of working through my half-hour lunch, I spent that time writing.  Yes, it's only half an hour, but that's a half an hour I didn't write yesterday, and it's inspired me to keep going tonight.

It's always quite easy for me to fall out of a routine, yet surprisingly easy to get back into it.  It's time.