March Update

How is it possible that it's the end of March?  The first three months of the year have flown by and the rest of the year promises to be just as busy!

Here are a few updates:

Change Write Now:  I've completed the first two weeks of the challenge.  First and foremost, my teammates are awesome!  Erin from Columbus, Kristine from Kansas City, and Mariah from Boston -- they all seem very dedicated but also human.  No one is beating themselves up on the rare occasion that points are missed.  

Personally, I'm on the right track and loving the routine.  The first few days were extremely difficult -- my husband was out of town and I was essentially detoxing.  The sugar withdrawal was BRUTAL.  I had a headache that would not quit.  Drinking so much water was also a challenge.  I'm happy to report that with the exercise and change in my eating habits, I've lost seven pounds, I no longer crave chocolate or salty snacks, and I was able to keep up my good habits at my in-laws over the weekend.  I actually LOST  a half pound there instead of gaining the usual 3 to 5.  Change Write Now has been fantastic so far!

Great River State Trail

On Writing -- Blog-O-Rama Book Clubbers: how is your reading coming along?  It's not too late to join us and post your thoughts on Friday, April 6.  I'm about half-way through and loving it.  And kicking myself for not reading it ten years ago.

CLOUD 9:  I've been inspired to tackle another revision and I think I'm onto something with it.  Two things happened in March to bring me to the realization that I needed to revisit the ms.  First, I had a lengthy discussion with one of my CPs about querying, the requests for fulls, and the subsequent rejections.  We talked a lot about The First 30 Pages and what elements need to be included.  She pointed me in the direction of a Writer's Digest Webinar with agent Sara Megibow and a brief video on pacing by Sara Zarr at Write On Con.  I got right to work. 

The second bit of inspiration was ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS -- read all about THAT here. (I can't stop talking about it.) 

I'm really excited about the changes and it's coming along quite well.  My goal is to have the revisions done by the end of this week and a new query out soon after.

MNYA Writers:  I've joined a new critique group of YA Fiction writers.  There are six of us.  We had our first meet-up on Saturday, which I "attended" over the phone since I was at my in-laws' in Wisconsin.  This is a group of writers who are serious about their work and I'm looking forward to workshopping with them.  It's been a while since I've been in a workshop setting.  I know this about myself -- critiquing the work of other writers makes it so much easier to see what needs to happen in my own work.  

AND -- Hunger Games tonight!  

SO -- there's a lot going on with  me.  What's going on with you?


  1. Ohhhh...Enjoy The Hunger Games...I´m only going this weekend and I´m very much looking forward to it!

    My ChangeWriteNow is going well too, the team factor is just amazing :D I love the support!

    And thanks again for organizing the book club for ON WRITING, my book is full of little post-its :D I am also about half way through and really enjoying it!

  2. Congrats on the eating healthy/exercise! It's been a few weeks since I actually ate a piece of fruit...I keep meaning to, but the chocolate always tempts me away, haha! The critique group sounds awesome, I really wish I could find something like that but not much hope in the area that I'm in! And I'm also seeing THe Hunger Games tonight - for the second time :)

  3. Good job on the lifestyle changes!! Revision is always tough, but it just may bring us success. Good luck!!


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