Sparks of Inspiration: April Writing Prompt

From the Loft Literary Center:

"In that spirit of searching for sparks of inspiration, we invite you to experiment with the monthly writing prompts in this booklet.  Each month has a single prompt, but we encourage you to experiment with as many ways as you can think of each month: across genres..., across moods..., and across points of view."

How did you do with the suspense prompt from March?

Here is the prompt for April:

"April Fools' Day often focuses on sophomoric gags.  From McSweeney's to the Onion, humor writing is alive and well on the web, but humor writing takes more than a prank.  This month channel your inner ironist, creating as many humorous passages and poems as you can."

I love the word ironist!

Put on your funny pants and get to work!

On Writing bloggers - don't forget, Friday is the day to post your response to the book. Looking forward to it!