Update After a Long Week

Last week started out on a positive note but Tuesday I got pummeled and it didn't stop.  Too many major disappointments to write about here, a very stressful work week, and the worst thing: my friend Jody's son, who received a heart transplant in October (read about it here) is back in the hospital with a very serious post-transplant health issue.  We are all still waiting to find out all the details.

Life is so precious. 

Every day on facebook last November, just after Ethan had his heart transplant, I posted five things for which I was grateful.  It was a good habit and I started each day with a little sprinkle of positive energy.

So tonight I want to move beyond the crap from last week, to honor the ache I feel in my heart and deep in my soul for a family that, despite their pain, is HOPEful and positive and ready to once again do battle, and harness some of that positive energy again.

Here's what was AWESOME about last week:

Change Write Now Update: Thursday I had a huge event at work, for which I'd worked very hard and received many great comments.  Hurray.  The best part?  The suit I'd purchased at the end of January was way too big when I put it on Thursday morning.  Because there are no belt loops in the pants, I had to cinch the waistband with one of these:

In a pinch, you use what's available.

Change Write Now is still going well.  There are some days that I really struggle with eating well or exercising or drinking enough water, but for the most part the changes are becoming second nature.  The de-cluttering project continues.  My husband would probably say he doesn't notice a difference (piles everywhere) but the fact is, last week the DAV picked up 14 bags or boxes of donations and after today, I have four more large bags in my truck to drop off at Goodwill.  And then there's the thing about the pants and the fact that I've moved over two notches to the last hole in my belt.  Whoo hoo!

So, with the stressful and high-profile work event behind me, I focused on the weekend.  Saturday I met with my new critique group, the MNYA Writers, for our first round of critiques.

And yeah, it was AWESOME.  It's been several years since I've sat in a room to workshop with a group of serious, dedicated writers.  Here are some things I love about this group:
  • My friend/CP/writerly genius Dawn joined as well.
  • The level of talent in the group.
  • Open, honest, respectful critiques and discussion (the first 30 pages of WAITING FOR THE SUN were first up).
  • When I am actively critiquing and editing the work of others, I am able to turn that same eye more effectively to my own work.
  • I left that room even more inspired than I was before I walked in.
One of the two organizers of the group, Liz, is blogging a series on starting a critique group.  Check it out here.

And there's more:
  • My husband has finished THE HUNGER GAMES and is now reading CATCHING FIRE. 
  • There's a new store in town that specializes in vintage jewelry.  I attended the ribbon cutting and grand opening on Friday and I'm in love.  The place and the owner are so fantastic, they will get their own post later this week. 
  • I hosted Bunco with the neighborhood ladies and even though the menu was mostly store bought and the meatballs were charred, the KPV Cosmos and the laughter flowed and were, as usual, just what I needed.
  • I found a suitable and age-appropriate substitute for Birdy's obsession with Grease:  I checked out High School Musical from the library and she watched it three times this rainy weekend.  She now knows all the words to all the songs and belts them out at random.  Adorable.
  • This commercial for Explore Minnesota makes me happy (not a little but a butt-loada), especially the part where Joe Mauer sings.
  • I am grateful for two blogs that dedicate one day each week for HAPPINESS:  Bridget Straub's Happiness Tuesday posts and Elodie's Happy Fridays. I look forward to their always-timely reminders.  Thank you!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. So sorry that your week was so stressful. I sure hope it looks up from here on in. You have some GREAT things on your positive list. Wow! Good for you with Change Write Now :)

  2. Here is to a good upcoming week Sara :D Sorry to hear that last week as rough of you! It seems you´re doing great with Change Write Now and you do have some amazing things on your positive list :D
    Oh and I am very happy that you enjoy my Happy Friday posts (I also use them as a reminder of what has been going well during the week :D)

    1. Keep those Happy Friday posts coming! Is it Friday yet? :)

  3. You are so right to make sure to highlight/spotlight the things worth being grateful for.

    I'm grateful for all the reading I've been able to do. Reading is something I love and I had a little extra time to stuff in extra reading.

    Praying for positive things to come with Ethan.

    1. Glad you are getting some reading time in -- and thank you for your prayers for Ethan, Angela.

  4. I'm grateful for my dear friend Sara (who is amazing). I'm grateful Darrin called me 17 years ago today to tell me he liked me....or we might still just be friends;). Love you Sara. Hope to see you soon. Nice job on the lifestyle changes. They are more difficult when things don't go as planned.

  5. Sorry that you've had a tough week, but it is great that you think of the happy things. :)

  6. Hugs on a long week. I'm glad you were reminded of the good things going on as well.

  7. Sara,
    So sorry you had such a rough week. They seem to be hanging around a lot of us lately. Hope things go much better this week and that your friends son is better. Thanks for the Happiness mention!


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