Last Day of School

Today’s the day.  For the first time, the kids’ last day of school is the same (they are in different school districts and will be for one more year).

Last day of school ~ June 2012

In previous years, summer vacation for the kids meant a change of routine and a slight change of pace for our family.  Birdy spent summers at her daycare with dear family friends, where Toad also went three days a week.  With my previous job, I was able to work from home two days a week and on those days Toad stayed home with me.  We relaxed our routine a bit and I didn’t have to pack a single lunch!  The kids didn’t have to wear socks!  I hate folding socks!

This year I have a new job, one which requires me to be at the office, and our dear friends have moved away.

Birdy is staying at her Montessori for “summer camp” and Toad will spend four days each week at the Middle School in a community ed summer program.

The kids will have to get up at the same time (early) because I will still have to drive Birdy the fifteen miles to school before work.  I will still have to pack lunches.   Toad is required to wear socks and tennis shoes.

I’m lucky enough to have Friday afternoons off for the next three months, so I’m looking forward to that.  I just feel like something’s not right, especially because Toad keeps reminding me that he wishes I had a job where I could be off during the summers.

I’m not complaining, I just feel a little blue today.  My life is filled with many blessings.  I’m so grateful for my happy, healthy kids, whether they are at home with me or playing and/or causing trouble with friends at “camp.”  

So here’s what we’re looking forward to this summer:
  • Writing time (okay, that’s just me)
  • Lots and lots of trips to the library
  • The Farmers’ Market
  • Swimming at my sister’s pool and fun times at the Front Yard Water Park (which is, as the name suggests, in my front yard)
  • A couple of weekends in Wisconsin with a possible campout at Perrot State Park
  • Friday Night Camp Fires
  • Brewing
  • BBQs and Beergaritas with friends
  • Bunco and Book Club (oh wait, just me again)
  • A trip to Cragun’s in August for Hammer Guy’s annual conference
  • Maybe, just maybe, another quick trip to Duluth

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. Your summer (from the bullet list) sounds like it'll be fun. I'm always amazed by parents and the juggling they do. I know that will be us in the near future, so I only hope we can do it as well as the rest of you. I hope that despite the busyness that you all have a great and restful summer. :)

  2. It sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned! :D As Jaime mentioned, parents do a lot of juggling and while your kids would sure love more time with you, just think about all the experience they will have with the other children, the friends for life they might make (there´s always two sides of a coin :D)
    Oh and that picture of your kiddos is adorable! :D Hope you´re having a wonderful weekend, Sara!


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