Top Ten Tuesday/Gratituesday

Today I'm going to mix-up my (somewhat ir-)regular Gratituesday post with the Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday. Stop by, check it out, and join in!

This week's topic is
Top Ten Books That Make You Think
(About the World, Life, People, etc):

It's September 11th.  What better day to think about the world and your place in it?  And so today, I'm grateful for curiosity, for imagination, for an open mind, and for books that helped me explore and question and wonder.

In no particular order -- I am grateful for these books that made me think about the world beyond the walls of my life:

1. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
2. THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabel Allende
3. THE AWAKENING by Kate Chopin
5. THE AGE OF REASON by Jean-Paul Satre
6. EMPIRE OF THE SUN by J.G. Ballard
7. THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker
8. OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder
9. THE REPUBLIC by Plato
10. DUBLINERS by James Joyce

I don't know if these are really my top ten, but these are the first ten that came to mind.  What about you?  What books have made you think, to see beyond the shadows of your cave?

“How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?”
Plato, The Allegory of the Cave


  1. THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabel Allende = one of the most intricate and powerful stories I've read.

    Plato = timeless.

    Fantastic list! I like the Top Ten [topic] idea, too.

    1. I felt a bit claustrophobic when I read HOUSE. I read it for class in grad school and did a huge project on it and couldn't even look at it for years after. As in, had to hide it behind a stack of books. But I've taken it out again lately and have read bits here and there.

      Everyone should have to read Plato. At the very least, the allegory of the cave.

  2. I love your list and this idea! I think I'm going to have to play with it. :-)


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