Pre-NaNo Check-In

I thought I would take a look at that crazy to-do list to see how I've done - and how much I still have left to complete before November 1st.

1. Finish my draft of WAITING FOR THE SUN.  I'm so close.  I'll need a break from it before I start revisions, so it's perfect timing. (Really close!)

2. Read RUBY RED again before SAPPHIRE BLUE is released next week. (Easy)

People - have you seen this yet?  Makes me want to learn German and plan a road trip:

3. Read SAPPHIRE BLUE. (I pre-ordered it for the nook and read it IMMEDIATELY.  And will probably read it again tonight.  Check back tomorrow for a total gush-fest about this book.)

4. Address several "problem areas" in my home.  Clutter equals creativity, in my humble opinion, but it stresses my husband out a bit.  So I thought I'd eliminate some of the clutter before November.  I didn't think it would be possible to de-prioritize housework any more than I already do, but guess what?  I was wrong.  My family will be lucky to have clean clothes next month. (Ummm, not doing so well here)

5.  MNYA Writers meet on Saturday morning and I've got two manuscripts to critique before then. (Great meeting!)

6.  Lots of family stuff -- it's almost Halloween, after all.  Toad wanted to have a fall carnival in the neighborhood, but rather than put on our own, we partnered with my friend and photographer, Maris Ehlers, for her Goblins for Groceries event at her studio on Saturday.  Sunday is a birthday party and Trunk-n-Treat at church, plus football, of course.

Goblins for Groceries, a Halloween-themed b-day party at Pump It Up, and Trunk-n-Treat all went well - the weekend was chock full of driving and events.  My niece Emily, a college freshman, joined us for the festivities.  I will say that I'm a little Halloweened out - but I still need to get costumes and goodie bags ready for Birdy's school party and then there's that whole trick-or-treating thing, too.

I still have a day and some change to do a bit more de-cluttering and finish up WFTS.  Through it all I've been jotting down ideas for my NaNo project.  Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am for this?

"Gabriella" and Emily

What are you excited for this week?


  1. I am excited for NaNo this week....Nah but in all seriousness I'm signed up but I am excited to hit 30k on my novel. I just got to 28,000 words and I'm rewriting (YEAH, it is that fgsjfgghg haha). I don't really celebrate Halloween not even when I was in college (last year) I'm pretty boring...

  2. Ha, I have to push myself SO HARD to make housework a priority.

    Me: Hmm, there's a sink full of dishes, and a basket full of laundry, and *a shiny new book*. What should I do?

    ::curls up and reads book::

  3. Good luck on finishing your draft! Hopefully you'll carry that adrenaline through into NaNo. I haven't written much lately, so I feel like I might be a bit rusty!

    A husband that's stressed out by clutter? What sort of man is this?! Ha, only joking. :D Housework is soooo low on my priorities, but sadly my wife doesn't have quite the same view!

  4. I'm excited about the fact that I got a lot of revisions done today and I'm closing in on finishing this thing once and for all. That's good considering NaNo is a day away. Can't wait to read SAPPHIRE BLUE! I'll be checking the mail impatiently every day until it arrives. :)

  5. I'm so excited for NaNo to start! I need to do a quick outline tonight and then ALL IN. Unfortunately, I just got booked for Sunday by a lazy co-worker--that was supposed to be my first BIG writing day (3500 planned). So I have to figure out where to put those 3500 words, otherwise I'm good.

    Also, I think I need to do housework, too. Blegh.


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