Recharge: Day Five - Homeward Bound

When I was in high school and attended week-long summer writing workshops, by the last day I was exhausted and exhilarated, sad to leave friends and the open, creative environment but anxious to go home to sleep in my own bed and snuggle with my cats.  I returned home inspired and motivated and took with me journals filled with new words and new ideas.

My hope is that you depart this virtual writing retreat with a journal (real or virtual) filled with new words and new ideas, or that you've been inspired to return to these exercises at some point. 

Hosting Recharge has been wonderful.  It's been hard work, yes, but it's been so worth it.  If I've inspired just one person in some way, I've done my job.  I love to share what I know; I love to help others, and it means so very much to me that you came along for the ride.  Thank you.

It's time to pack up our bags and say goodbye.

As promised, I have a giveaway!  There will be three winners, chosen at random from everyone who participated in the retreat with a comment on the Recharge posts from Monday, February 25 to Friday, March 1 or who wrote about the topics on their blogs during that timeframe -- one entry for each comment or post.  If you did either of those two things and tweeted about it as well, you'll receive an extra entry. 

  • A copy of Our Town by Thornton Wilder
  • A critique of the first 30 pages of your manuscript
  • A bottle of OPI Nail Color in I Saw... U Saw... We Saw...Warsaw (because I love blue nail polish - see photo of Ugly Feet from Day 3)
You have until midnight (Central Time) tonight to be included in the drawing, so it's not too late to participate in some way and comment or blog or tweet.  :)  Winners will be announced on Monday morning.  Apologies to all my international friends - Prizes 1 & 3 are only open to those in the US or Canada.  Prize 2 is open internationally. 

I'd love to post some of your work here.  I plan to publish a small "anthology" with examples of your writing from this week on Monday, March 18.  If you would like to be included in this, please email me: crowriverwriter (at)

I cannot thank you enough for lurking, reading, writing, blogging, tweeting, commenting, shouting from the rooftops.  I am so grateful for my growing network of supporters.  Look for another Recharge: Winter Writing Retreat coming your way in February of 2014!


  1. Thanks for hosting this - it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thank you again for hosting this. These posts and writing exercises were wonderful. Just what I needed for my writing this week.

  3. Thank you!! So much motivation this week and it all has to do with the retreat! :)

  4. Thanks for hosting this retreat Sara. I loved reading your posts and getting to know other retreaters :) xoxo

  5. Thanks Sara! It's been great, and I've made so much progress on my WIP. What a brilliant idea :) I'll post a snippet on my blog and email you one.

    1. I'm so glad you made such great progress. Lots of happiness in my heart right now. :)

  6. Sounds like it was a successful retreat, Sara. :)


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