What's Up Wednesday: Beast Birthday Edition

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Last week I finished reading the first two books of the DIVERGENT series. What took me so long? Good question - and I don't have the answer. DIVERGENT was selected for my book club for June, so I got a little push.Wow - loved them. And I only have to wait a few months for ALLEGIANT!

While I read, I tried to categorize myself into a faction based on the text and was having trouble nailing one down. So I took an online quiz and my result? Amity. Trust. Self-Sufficiency. Forgiveness. Kindness.

Based on my temper, I wouldn't have automatically assumed Amity. But I don't know that any of the other factions would be a perfect match, either, and I would say that this comes closest to what I believe in my heart, even if it isn't always apparent in my actions.

Anyway. What's your faction? Would you select a different faction on Choosing Day?

I've been doing more beta reading/critiquing/editing than actual writing. That's about to change as I'll be caught up with all of that soon and I'll be able to dig into revisions for BEAUTIFUL BIRD. Look for an update next Wednesday!

May is typically a busy month. School is winding down for the kids, we're putting together our plans for summer, and of course, we celebrate Toad's birthday all month long! He moved into double digits this year so we planned an epic sleepover birthday bash for nine of his friends, complete with pizza, a movie, and -- no joke -- a PowerPoint presentation with trivia questions about the birthday boy. Toad is more proficient at PowerPoint that most adults I know. Impressive!

The boys were up until 3 am and were out of my house by 10 am after a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  What did Toad think of the party? It was "beast."

Pretty sure that's good.

Toad also had his first piano recital (on his actual birthday) and he did so well! We're so proud of him.

Friday night campfires with my family.  Cool, rainy weather. Sunny days. Lilacs finally blooming. The support of HG and my writer friends during a really rough time last week. Dreams and plans and taking one more step.

I'm getting closer.

What's up with you, dear friends?


  1. I hope this week is going much better for you than last week. Thank goodness for the support of friends. Lilacs are my favourite flower, but sadly, in the townhouse complex that we live in, they chopped down all of the lilac bushes. I was so bummed. I guess I'll have to go scouting for lilacs elsewhere in the city. So happy you enjoyed DIVERGENT and INSURGENT. I liked the former better than the latter, but I'm really curious to find out what ALLEGIANT has in store for us. Can't wait! :-)

  2. I cannot wait for ALLEGIANT to come out!

    Happy Birthday to Toad! Love the pics.

    I'm sorry you've been having a rough time. I hope things are better this week.

  3. Divergent is my favorite, favorite book. I'm glad you liked them! I finally got my sister to read them and she read them both twice in at most 5 days. I love spreading the Divergent love around. I can't wait for Allegiant. I am not-so-patiently waiting, while I bite all my nails off in anticipation and nerves. AHH!!

    I would probably be Amity as well, because I just got my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. And therapy/counseling seems like something Amity would be good at. I could never be Candor, the thought of their initiation gives me anxiety. I would like Erudite if they weren't so evil. Of course I would love, love, love to be Dauntless, but I doubt I could actually pull it off. Abnegation would fit for me as well - I feel like Tris; there are some things I really love about the Abnegation, but I could never feel truly fulfilled there.

    Found you through Jamie's link list, I think I'll stick around! :)

  4. I fit way too many of those faction qualities to be in one. I swear I'd be Divergent. So glad you read them! I can't wait for ALLEGIANT. Exciting!

    And my baby boy turns ten next year. How do they grow up so fast?! Sounds like yours had an AWESOME time!

  5. Both DIVERGENT and INSURGENT were great, can´t wait for the next one :D Glad you´re enjoying them too...

    Sorry you had a difficult week, sending you hugs and good thoughts and crossing my fingers it gets better fast!

    Happy belated birthday to your son, that party sounded fun!

  6. Hope things take an upward turn for you ^_^ Getting closer certainly sounds exciting though!

    Good luck diving into revisions next week! :D

  7. Divergent is a great read. I like this What's Up Wednesday idea. I might be joining you soon. Glad the birthday was a Beast:D

  8. Loved DIVERGENT! The second one, not so much, but I'm still looking forward to seeing how the story wraps up.

    Yes, you have been busy beta-ing and I'm very grateful! Hopefully I'll be out of your hair soon so you can get back to revisions--can't wait to hear how it's all going next week :)

    Happy birthday Toad! He looks nervous in that last pic, but you said he did well so that's great!

  9. A book club was the reason I picked up Divergent and Insurgent, too!

    Hope you're having a smoother week than last :)

  10. My son has been glued to DIVERGENT for the last couple of days. So glad you enjoyed it! I'm also eagerly waiting for ALLEGIANT. I might have to give the first two another read before the last book and the movie come out.

    The lilacs in my yard are finally blooming too. They're one of my favourite flowers, and I really wish they lasted longer.

    Glad your son had a happy birthday! I love that he made a Power Point show about himself!

  11. Great stuff!!! I love both those books AND Friday night campfires! In fact, I think you inspired me to have one THIS Friday! :)

  12. Looking forward to ALLEGIANT, too. Luck you, you won't have to wait as long between books. That's the real benefit of waiting to read a series. Your son is such a cutie and hooray for fun birthdays and ANYONE skilled in powerpoint. :0)

  13. I feel about the Divergent factions the way I feel about the Hogwarts houses--I'm stuck somewhere between the nerdy (Ravenclaw/Erudite) and the friendly (Hufflepuff/Amity). Although Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff and after reading Insurgent and meeting Johanna Reyes, I'm pretty sold on Amity.

    Sorry things have been rough--I hope you have a good week!

  14. Big, big, fan of the DIVERGENT series (love me some Four, which there wasn't nearly enough of him in INSURGENT as I'd hoped!) - and I have to admit, I'd totally be Dauntless, without a doubt...because I so would've jumped. I can't wait for ALLEGIANT to come out and will totally need to read the first two all over again, before October!

    Can't wait for you to get on BEAUTIFUL BIRD - you know I'm just waiting to get my hands on that one, right???? :)

    And I know last week was a tough one, but think of all the great things that have happened since then. And all the great things that are waiting just around the corner. Amazing is about to happen; I can't wait to see it all.

    Big hugs and lots of love, S.


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