Monday Motivation: Share Your Talents

Happy Monday!

I'm sure you're all wondering if summer has arrived in Minnesota. We've had bits and pieces of summer-like weather, yes, but it's been chilly and rainy and cloudy. I still hold out hope for warmer, sunny days - although to be honest, I'd be happy with temperatures in the 60s. Sunny sweatshirt weather.

This weekend, we traveled to Wisconsin to say goodbye to Hammer Guy's grandfather, who died on May 24th at the age of 86. He'd been ill for a long time - for as long as I'd known him. He'd survived a lot of serious illnesses.

I learned a lot about Earl this weekend as I heard stories about his fishing, hunting, and artistic skills. About the gifts he passed along to his children, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren. Both my husband and son have received some of those gifts, certainly. Toad is an old soul and has always had a special place in his heart for Earl. He was quite upset when he heard the news and - because he is only 10 - has had trouble dealing with his emotions this past week. 

I am so grateful that when we visited over New Year's, Earl was able to spend a lot of time with Toad, showing him the amazing wood carvings and paintings he'd created over the years. I'm glad that Toad's last memory of his special great-grandpa will be from that day, when Earl was feeling good and talkative and social.

Earl meets Toad

Earl lived a good, long life. He was of the "Greatest Generation," served in World War II, worked hard and provided for his family - his wife Vivian and their six children.

He was a talented man. Many people spoke of how he shared those talents over the years, helping friends and family with construction and home improvement projects, taking his children and grandchildren hunting or fishing on the Mississippi River, teaching others his woodcarving skills, sharing his music around the campfire.

I hope that you are able to do what you love every day - even if only for a few minutes. Many of you reading this are very talented writers and many of you have already found ways to share those talents. Part of what I love about being a writer is being able to help other writers. I love to critique, to brainstorm, to beta-read, to edit, to give writers the encouragement and motivation to push themselves, to get to the next level. I hope someday to make that - and writing, of course - a full time career.

I challenge you today to find a way to share your talents, even more than you already do. Do what you love and share that love. The world will be a better place for it.


  1. It's always difficult when a family member passes, yet their gifts to the world remain.

    This weekend I'll be sharing what I know about writing by teaching a workshop in writing YA fiction at the Philadelphia Writers' Conference.

  2. Hugs! This is a beautiful post Sara and a great tribute to your husband´s grandfather!

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, but what a beautiful post to honor him.

  4. Sounds like Earl was an amazing man. Peace to you and your family!

  5. This is a lovely tribute to Grandpa.


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