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Thanks to Elodie at CommutingGirl, I've been tagged in a quick, easy little WIP post.

The details:

Search the words “moment,” “forever,” “time,” or the like in your writing, pick a favorite section, post on your blog, and tag others!

Easy enough!

I've taken a section from BEAUTIFUL BIRD, SING ON, my NaNo project from November of 2012, now currently under major revisions. I'd call this a contemporary YA with elements of magical realism/time shifting.

I'm embarrassed to report that I used the word "time" in some way, shape, or form 231 times! Yikes! "Moment" came up 23 times, and "forever" only four. Here's a section that includes all three, strangely enough.
            “Can I come in?” Elliot asked. “It’s cold out here.”
            I nodded and found the key to the front door. We stepped inside and I’d barely closed the door when Elliot pushed me gently against the wall.
            “Addie,” he said, “I’m noticing you now.”
            I closed my eyes as Elliot leaned in to kiss me. His lips felt just as soft and perfect as they had the day before – a century before – but this time, the kiss lingered and grew more intense as he ran his tongue along my bottom lip.
            Oh. This was good. This was really good. This was definitely not a chaste, proper 1914 kiss.
            He pulled away and I sighed. I reached out and grabbed a fistful of his jacket to steady myself.
            “Should we start our date now?” I asked, and Elliot laughed.
            “Can I see your piano first?” he asked.
            “Which one?”
            “You have more than one?”
            I nodded.  I took his hand and led him into the living room. My mother’s grand piano stood in one corner, regal and polished and gleaming. Hugo took such great pride in it, kept it in such good shape. I hadn’t played it since he’d brought home the McPhail for me. Even though this was a far superior instrument, I couldn’t resist the magic of the McPhail.
            And I’d always felt a little shy, playing my mother’s beautiful piano.
            “Play something,” he said.
            I sat down and ran through a couple of scales first. The keys felt smooth and flawless under my fingers, and the sounds that emerged were crisp, clear, perfect. I played Let it Be. I almost forgot Elliot was standing there. Almost.
            “You’re so talented,” he said when I’d finished. “Why don’t you play for choir?”
            I shook my head, embarrassed. “I don’t play for people,” I said.
            I stood up and Elliot put his arms around my waist, pulling me close. “You played for me.”
            “That’s different,” I said.
            “How so?”
            “It’s just the two of us,” I said. “I don’t play like to play in front of a lot of people.”
            “You should,” he said. He leaned forward and planted kisses on my ear. It sent tingles down my spine. “Although I like it when it’s just the two of us.”
            He kissed me again and it made my head spin. I could stand in my living room and kiss this boy forever, in any year. I’d waited so long for this moment. I’d somehow always known it would happen.
            I reluctantly pulled away, still amazed that he wanted to be here with me.
            “Come on,” I said. “I’ll show you the McPhail.”

How about you? Want to join in the fun? Hit your WIP up for one of those three words and give us a little something!


  1. The main character in my novel is also an Addie! That made me so happy. Love this kissing scene and that she plays piano : )

    1. Funny! Little things like that make me happy, too. :) And thanks!

  2. Love this, Sara! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  3. Great excerpt! Makes me want to read on, and I'm as grateful as our heroine that the time of chaste kissing is over ;)

    1. Thank you! Agreed - and chaste kissing isn't as fun to write, either. :)

  4. Intriguing, especially the part about them kissing the day before, which just so happened to be a century ago.

    1. Thank you - this has been a really fun one to write. I've loved diving into the research for 1914, 1948, and 1979.

  5. I love it! I'm a sucker for romantic stories so this made me want to read more. :)

  6. What fun. A great excerpt. Love the kiss that isn't chaste.

  7. Ooh, love all the romance in this. I'd most definitely read on!

    1. Thanks, Katy! The romance stuff is always fun to write, isn't it? :)

  8. Sara, I love this little snippet. More! More!

  9. Wow! You definitely got me there! I can't wait to read the entire book :-) I'm one lucky beta reader :-)

  10. Oh, wow! Swoonalicious! I'm just getting to this now, but man, it's great! These two have great chemistry.


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