NaNoWriMo Treasure Hunt ~ YA Buccaneers Style!

Ahoy! Whether you're a regular reader or you've landed here during your rounds of the NaNoWriMo Treasure Hunt, welcome!

Today the Buccaneers are sharing tips for NaNo. If you haven't already done so, check out Heidi Sinnett's YAB post that's chock full of great ideas as you prepare for what promises to be an insane and inspiring month.

I've got two quick tips for you, brave Wrimos:

1. Trim your nails. This, for me, is a sign of serious writing ahead. 50k is a lot of words, friends, so it's best to keep your nails short. Clickety click!

2. Set a goal to finish by the 27th (or earlier). Now, some people may say that's crazy, but I've done this all three years that I've tackled and won NaNo.  That's 1,852 words a day - not even 200 words more a day than if you shot for the 30th. I've done this because we usually spend the weekend after Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with my in-laws and I wanted to be done before then. It's worked really well for me. Who knows - maybe it will work for you, too!

Thanks for stopping by - be sure to leave a comment below and enter to win some fine treasure - a copy of Chris Baty's NO PLOT? NO PROBLEM:  A LOW-STRESS, HIGH VELOCITY GUIDE TO WRITING A NOVEL IN 30 DAYS for nook or kindle. Make the rounds of the YAB blogs for more NaNo Tips and more chances to win!

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Next stop on the Treasure Hunt: the website of YA Buccaneer Neptune, aka Kelly Loy Gilbert.

And best of luck with NaNo, me hearties! I won't be joining in this year, but I'll cheer you all on from the sidelines!



  1. Hee hee I love the nail trimming tip. I can't stand long nails when I type!

  2. It's the little the short nails...that make this such a personal thing. Love the idea, Sara! who wants to listen to "click-click-click" for an entire month!

  3. Ha, your first tip made me laugh. Makes a lot of sense!

    I'm so impressed that you've won so many times! :)

  4. Great tip, Sara. I hadn't thought to set a goal for finishing BEFORE the holidays, but that's super smart. And you won three times?!? Amazing!!

  5. Good tips. I am determined to hit 50K this year. :)

  6. Excellent advice in shooting to finish a few days sooner! When I won NaNo, it was because I did exactly that and finished with enough time to go and play for Turkey Day. And short nails? A must. :)

  7. I heard about this technique from a fellow Wrimo a while back! I find that listening to ambient noise really helps with concentration too! Coffitivity is my best friend. :)


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