What's Up Wednesday: A New Year Edition

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Happy New Year, everyone! I for one am glad that 2013 is behind us. While I am truly grateful for all the blessings that 2013 brought to me and my family, there were a few road blocks and I'm looking forward to the new challenges and successes of 2014.

Before I move on to the usual What's Up Wednesday topics, I'd like to present my Word of the Year. For a while, I thought I wouldn't come up with one this year, because I totally tanked my Word for 2013: Balance. It's been fun reading about others' word choices for the year, but I wasn't feeling it. Nothing made sense. Nothing seemed to fit for how I've been feeling.

But Monday, the word appeared. On my wrist:


This is the bracelet that my husband and children gave me for Christmas, made from old typewriter keys. I adore this bracelet - and that one word struck me. SHIFT will be my word of 2014. Because sometimes, that's all it takes to make something better - a little shift. In perspective. In time. In space. In attitude. In direction. In focus.

It's perfect!

Sometimes, all it takes is a little SHIFT to make a rotten day seem good again. To make an impossible situation seem manageable. And should that fail, I can always take out the F to make my most frequently-used word of any year. :)

And now for the usual topics:

I've been lucky enough to be entrusted with a beta read for one Ms. Liz Parker, set during the Civil War - with a twist. Liz's writing style keeps me turning the pages for sure!

I'm also reading FROZEN (the junior novelization) out loud to Birdy. We adored the movie and can't wait to see it again - and so far, the junior novelization is pretty good. Those can be hit or miss.

One more: THE MURMURINGS by Carly Anne West. Creepy.

Nothing! lalalalalalalalalalala. But now that kids are back in school - oh wait, did I say the kids were back in school? Because they're NOT. School has been closed because of the dangerously low temperatures. The governor cancelled school for the entire state on Monday. It was the coldest day of their little lives. Talk about FROZEN. We're living in Elsa's ice castle. (A note: much to their disappointment, they go back to school this morning. The high today is supposed to be -4. That's nothing! Feels downright balmy!)

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal and I plan to get back to work soon.

We had such a wonderful holiday season and I hope you did, too. The kids have been Rainbow Looming (with assistance from Hammer Guy, because that is so not my thing. I suck at crafts). Some reading. Lots of Arrow of Light activities. Preparing to pass the Cub Scout torch. Snuggling with the kiddos.

I've had this pint of ice cream in my freezer for a few weeks, just waiting for the right moment to reward myself and dig in. The moment arrived - but you'll have to wait a few more days to find out the details! I'm inspired by and grateful for my family (who stopped me from cracking into it one particularly disheartening day) and for my friends - especially other writers from around the globe (you know who you are!) who have been so supportive and encouraging during a challenging time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and this pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

What's up with you, my friends? What's your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?


  1. Loved the movie Frozen, but I don't like that it feels like we're living in it. lol My daughter had off yesterday due to cold and today she has a delay. It's crazy cold.

  2. SHIFT. Such a powerful word, and a great perspective!

    I'm glad you are all getting back into the school/writing grind. And, seriously, I'm SO over this weather. Negative anything shouldn't be possible. :)

    I can't wait to hear your news! Maybe I'll use it as an excuse to buy myself some ice cream to celebrate whatever it is with you. :)

  3. I love your word, and how you found it. How handy that you already have such a great reminder on your wrist. I hope you are enjoying your first day of the kids (finally) being back in school. Mine went back yesterday, and I was grinning from ear to ear as the bus pulled away. Vacation is lovely, but I was dying to have my time back! Good luck with your writing.

  4. We're having cold weather in Upstate NY too. My favorite aunt's repeated invitation to join her in Florida looks so good every winter!

    I don't know if Ben and Jerry's have non-dairy flavors. It's a pity non-dairy ice-cream is usually so expensive, and doesn't have as many flavors as milk ice-cream. Maybe if I moved to some vegan haven like Berkeley.

  5. What a great word! I love it. :) I am soooo excited to hear this Ben & Jerry's-worthy news. I'll be crossing my fingers .... Happy New Year, Sara!

  6. Good luck shifting this year. It's a great work and part of a very cool bracelet!

  7. That bracelet is brilliant! What an amazing gift. I also love your word, very inspiring.

    I absolutely loved Frozen, what an amazing film. My son adored Olaf, he was so funny.

    Congratulations on what ever made you dig out the ice cream, looking forward to the details :D

    Hope it warms up for you.

  8. I'm really hoping I'm right about what the Ben & Jerry's means. Fingers crossed. ;-) I really like your word for the year. I think my "doing things differently" phrase could really be summed up in that one word, SHIFT. I really hope 2014 is a great year all around with lots of good books and lots of time spent writing. (And with less cold weather. Ugh.) Have a wonderful week, Sara!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your word of the year! It is perfect. And I love that it came off of a typewriter. And I love it that you take the 'f' out a lot. *grin*

    I also love that the SHI(F)T is happening for you! 2014 is going to be one good year!

    p.s. Please stay warm. Don't die. Your children need you. ;)

  10. Happy New Year!

    Cool bracelet :D What a perfect gift ^_^

    Liz's MS is fantastic, isn't it? I found it so hard to put down. At the end of every chapter I was like, ooooh, one more... ;)

  11. I love your bracelet! :-) and your word of the year!
    And.....I AM SENDING YOU BIG HUGS AND SMILES for this ice cream...Hope Jude got my email and that you all stay warm and cozy!

  12. I love your word! What a great idea, having a word for the new year. I'm seeing a lot of people doing this and I think it's a great idea.
    My oldest got a Rainbow Loom for her birthday and she's been busy making every person she knows a bracelet. I've been wearing mine ever since she gave it to me. I suck at crafts too and it wasn't fun trying to figure out the thing in the first place, but once I did, she did, and then she was on her way!

  13. I still haven't seen FROZEN, my entire family went to see it without me before I got home for break. Alas, I shall have to make sure I do. I can't wait to hear your news, and I hope this year is a great one!

  14. I love your bracelet, Sara! How cool is that--esp that they are old typewriter keys! Shift is a great word. Ugh, everyone has these awesome words for 2014! :)

    Stay WARM and enjoy that ice cream!

  15. Not only do I love that bracelet (what a thoughtful and fitting gift for a writer!) but I love your word for the year--and your idea for how to modify it on those crummy days that tend to arise lol. I think this is my favorite 2014 word I've heard so far, and I'll have to keep it in mind. It's so easy to let a whole day tank because of one lousy little detail--or a whole year when things start to go wrong--so the idea of shifting perspective is so appropriate. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing that!

    It's been insanely cold here as well, but I think the deep freeze is finally letting up. Stay warm and good luck with whatever writing endeavor you take on next!

  16. That's a great word for the year. I love your explanation of it, too.

    I stepped outside this morning and thought, "Look how nice it is!" It was really cold for a couple of days!

  17. Silly Blogger ate my first comment so let's try this again...

    I'm SO SO happy for your good news!!!! I'm glad you were able to celebrate with your favorite ice cream. I need to get myself a pint of that flavor - it sounds delicious!

    SHIFT is a great word to focus on. Best of luck with all of your 2014 goals! :D

  18. Such a cute bracelet. I have also suffered through the deep freeze. I was able to work from home and even took a day off in between so I could stay in and work on edits. I've left the house twice (both times in one day) since last Friday. Yup. I'm officially a hermit.

  19. Best of luck with your 'Shift', and with having the patience to get through the deep freeze.

    I've never really tried Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Right now I'm loving the store-brand French Vanilla (lactose free) with a little strawberry syrup mixed all the way in. :)

    And it's great to meet you.

  20. Love the word for the new year. Shift. Very powerful!

    Hmmm. Frozen and Ben & Jerry.


  21. Missed this post. Thanks for the kind comments on my WIP :)


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