YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp :: Goals

From the Writing Recharge frying pan into the YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp fire.... I've joined the YA Buccaneers three-month boot camp challenge. Check out all the details here.

My goals will be similar to what I did for Writer Recharge, broken down by month:

  • Finish the first full draft of my current WIP, a story about a former hockey playing metalhead who escapes the drama of Real Life for a week in Florida, which turns out to have plenty of drama of its own. Its working title is KEYS.
  • Host not one but TWO spectacular birthday extravaganzas in the same weekend! First, for my darling dear sweet daughter, Birdy, a fabulous afternoon of Disney's Frozen with seven of her closest friends. The next day, a classy classic Motion Picture-themed luncheon for my mother, who turns 80 this month. (I include this here so that you all understand the reasons behind me going a little batty around the third week of the month.)
  • Perform reconstructive surgery on the completed draft of KEYS. If you're new to my blog, I should explain that I typically don't write my novels chronologically, and this can get fairly messy. April will mean more than revision; I will tear KEYS apart and stitch it back together in the correct order. 
  • Send KEYS to CPs on Friday, April 25.
  • Complete revisions based on CP feedback.

  • Write or work on something writing-related every single day, no exceptions.
  • Read every day, even if it's just one chapter.
  • Do not relinquish my recently reclaimed lunch break. Here's what's allowed during those precious thirty minutes at the day job:
    • Reading
    • Client edits or other CP work
    • Writing and/or writing-related notes or tasks
    • Trips to the library or other personal errands
    • NOT ALLOWED: Working  

As a Crew Member, I'll be on one of the Accountability Teams - and I can't wait to join in this fantastic challenge and see where it can take us!

So - have you started thinking about your goals yet? DO IT! Post your goals and be sure to sign up with the Buccaneers! We're a fun bunch and not scary at all, I promise!


  1. I need to schedule some daily read-time, too. My TBR-list is even bigger than usual lately :) Good luck with your goals, I'm looking forward to kicking some butt with you in this bootcamp.

  2. I'm absolutely joining this! Can't wait! Good Luck Sara!

  3. YAYYYY! I love this. You're so organized, and the bit about performing reconstructive surgery totally made me laugh. :) I also love your goal to reclaim your lunch hour. I have little bits of time during the day that I could use for writing, but they easily get soaked up by other things I "have" to do. Anyhow - this is a great reminder to reclaim those little pockets of time!

  4. Hey again, Sara! Your goals look awesome! Best of luck!

  5. Great luck to you Sara! I will be checking back on your progress!

  6. Good luck Sara! Sounds like you will be pretty busy! :)

  7. I signed up to this, it's a fantastic idea! :) Good luck with your goals!

  8. those are great goals. I'm so excited to take part in Boot Camp, here's hoping we all get it done!

  9. You know what? I think I'm going to start my own reoccurring boot camp. I love this idea! Set goals, joining with others, and drive. Nice!

    Sheri at Writer's Alley

    Home of Rebel Writer CREED 2014
    Mighty Minion Bureau Team #atozchallenge

  10. Your goals sound great! Good luck with all of them! I love that you reclaimed your lunch hour - I need to do the same. I also need to get back into reading every day. I used to read during my train commute but now I drive to work, so I need to get in the habit of reading either during my lunch break or at home before bed or something.

    I've been traveling for the past week so I haven't had the chance to set my goals. Looking forward to doing so tonight!


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