YAB SWB Update :: Partied Out Edition

In our family, March Madness equals birthdays - my sister, my daughter, my mom, my niece's one-year-old twins, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, and I all celebrate our birthdays this month.

Thursday night I celebrated by going to see Divergent at 11:30 pm, which was fantastic and so worth the next day's exhaustion. Friday I had lunch with Birdy at school and that night we saw Muppets Most Wanted. Saturday we hosted six first-graders for a Frozen party and Sunday we had about 25 people over to celebrate the family birthdays, including my mom's 80th.

This means I spent very little time writing the last four days.

This also means I'm really, really, really tired. But thankfully I had a lot of help. My sister Amy made decorations for both parties, my sister Julie helped with the Frozen party, and everyone brought food for Sunday.

But I'm still tired. And I still need to do laundry. And about a million other things that didn't get done.

So - a recap of my goals from last week:

  • Begin tax prep (yes, I procrastinate this every stinking year). FAIL.
  • Get to 45k in KEYS.  Yes! I hit this goal on Tuesday since I was home with a sick kid. Also, I started joining the #5amwritersclub on Twitter. I got up most days last week at 4:30 am to write for one hour and it was a huge success. I'm almost at 50k.
  • Get in on at least two Twitter writing parties with #TeamDefiance. Yes! I love Team Defiance.
  • Client edits. Yes! Completed and sent.
  • Oh yes, I've got those back-to-back birthday parties this weekend. That means I've got a lot of cleaning and cooking and shopping to do. DONE! There's still a bit of clean-up to do.
  • See Divergent. Yes! LOVED it.
  • Get a haircut (first one in 13 months - yikes!). Yes! 
I did fairly well on my weekly goals, but my overall goal of writing and reading every day suffered.

The Plan for Week Four:
  • Tax prep. Seriously. No, I mean it.
  • Buy books with the BN gift card I got for my birthday (this should be easy).
  • Get back on track with reading and writing every day.
  • Continue 4:30 am writing time.
  • Finish the first draft of KEYS by Sunday, March 30.
  • Put together a preliminary itinerary for the North Shore Writing Retreat. Interested in finding out more about this 8-person retreat on Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior in early fall? Leave a comment below.

You want to write here.

Hope you had a fantastic week!


  1. I also need to work on tax stuff this week. Or maybe next week...one of these days :)

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what this means: "I got up most days last week at 4:30am to write". It's like you're speaking in a foreign language or something. WHAT???

    But it explains a lot to me now about how you get so much done.


  3. Great work on your goals!! I saw Muppets but not Divergent though I'm planning to see it this week. Just saw some rather disconcerting stuff about Divergent online; people said they changed Tris' fearscape at the end to include a shot of feared sexual assault by Four. Huh? I am totally perplexed by this. Why would they do that?! Did you see this and were bothered by it?

    1. Just wanted to pipe in and say I read an interesting post about the sexual assault scene in Divergent: https://medium.com/p/1d20ea8b9064. When I was watching the movie, I honestly didn't remember that it wasn't in the book (I feel like something similar was in the book though, right?), and I think I agree with the person who wrote this article. It was a powerful "woman fighting back and succeeding" moment.

  4. You did so great with your goals. Go Team Defiance! And I'm swooning over that pic of the North Shore. YES I WANT TO WRITE THERE.

  5. I'm impressed you managed to get so much done in the midst of such a busy birthday-filled week! Congrats on hitting 45K and yay for almost being done!

    I saw Divergent last weekend and really enjoyed it. :)

  6. March = birthday month here too. Craziness! WAY TO GO on your MS! ROCK STAR!


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