YAB SWB: The Last One

I'm fairly certain that the Spring Writing Bootcamp continued in May, and many of our participants celebrated great successes. But honestly, I'm so far out of the loop, I can only guess.

Life happened in May, and it happened in a GIANT way.

With a steady stream of clients, a big birthday celebration for my 11-year-old son, and a major event at work, there was very little time for writing, revising, or even reading. I barely connected with my poor, neglected Team Defiance.

I barely made it through May.

My niece got married on Saturday and my sister, in town from Connecticut, asked me a very simple question: "So, how are things going?"

My response: "I'm just trying to get through each day to the next one."

It sounded much more dismal than I intended, but it's the truth. There are four days left of school for my kids and then a new, only slightly-less-crazy schedule kicks in. But one thing is for sure: I've got to start writing again. These three-plus weeks that I haven't spent time on my own work have made me VERY CRABBY.

Even so, I'm grateful for the Spring Writing Bootcamp. I accomplished a lot those first two months and made some great connections. Hope your Bootcamp was successful and motivating!

Hannah and Jared ~ Beautiful day on Two Rivers Lake


  1. I lost track a bit with updating in May, though it was mostly that I was working on things and not blogging. I think the motivation is really helpful regardless. I know you accomplished goals because I commented on your posts the first two months. Congrats!

  2. I feel similarly about May - I was SO productive in April and I honestly don't know where May went! I barely got anything done. But overall I'm so happy with what I accomplished during the bootcamp. It was so fun!

    Congrats on everything you accomplished these last few months!

  3. Me too! Both the losing track of writing AND the crabbiness that settles in when I don't write. Congratulations on having a productive first two months!


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