YAB SWB Update :: It's Really Spring Edition!

WOW, can you believe it's already May?

Here's a quick Bootcamp update - my goals for last week were:
  • Dive into my next client edit. I'm loving it. This particular author excels at world building and description and every time I sit down with this manuscript, I am THERE.
  • Continue to work on KEYS revisions - write every day. (Er, um, well, I did not write every day, although I did have a very important sequencing break-through, which will require a lot of work but will make a huge difference.)
  • Work on the short story that I started last week, which is kind of creepy and dark. I've already written the last line: "I told you not to snoop around." (Whoops! I kind of forgot about this.)
  • Read every day. YES! I read every day.
  • Fold laundry. (lame, I know, but maybe if I write it here, I won't put it off for days.) I folded laundry the same day I started the next batch. I hate laundry.
 My goals for May, the last month of Bootcamp, are:
  • Finish revision of KEYS to send to CPs.
  • Get outside! It's finally spring here!
  • Exercise and eat better, which always seems easier to do when you're not buried under several feet of snow.
My goals for this week:
  • Finish client edit by Sunday night.
  • Work on KEYS every day.
  • Read every day.
  • Exercise three times (baby steps. BABY steps).
  • Fold laundry (lame part deux).
So! How are things going with you?


  1. I know. I can't believe it's May, already. Geez... Great goals! Love the laundry one. Laundry seems to get away from me as quickly as time, lately. ;)

    Best of luck this month!

  2. It's very springy here too and I LOVE it! I'm excited to start spending more time outdoors. Good luck with all of your goals this week!

  3. I hate laundry, too! Well, the dumping into machines part I can handle, it's the folding that comes after I dislike. Especially socks.

    Good luck with your goals!

  4. I love that you added exercise to your goals! I've decided to do a Bikini Boot Camp over the next 6 weeks, which involves eating good food (lots and LOTS of kale!) and between 20-30 minutes of different cardio everyday, so that I can GET INTO a bikini. Or yanno, at least be closer to pulling it out from my closet. :)
    So glad you're enjoying your clients MS - it's always great when you read something that pulls you right in! Best of luck getting that finished!

  5. I hate laundry too! Actually, I don't mind the washing and drying part, it's the folding and putting it away part I loathe. Ugh. I have a basket full of clothes to put away that I've been ignoring, actually. Ha. It's totally giving me the stink eye. ;)

    Anyhow! Kudos for the progress you made this week! It looks like you've been ticking off goals - so yay for that! Best of luck with this week's goals (including the laundry!). :)


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