Tagged! Character Blog-Hop

I was recently tagged by Robin Moran for a character blog-hop. The idea behind it is simple: List five facts about one of your characters. Thanks for the tag, Robin!

Since I’m knee-deep in revisions for KEYS, I chose one of its characters. You may have already met my sassy-mouthed, metal-loving, hockey-playing narrator, Holland, so today I’ll introduce you to Wesley Millard, the boy she loves.
  • Wes’s hockey nickname is The Milkman. He played right wing on the starting line with his best friend Dominic (The Dominator, who happens to be Holland's brother) at center, and their friend Tricky at left wing.
  • Wes, like Holland, likes metal and hard rock and 80s glam bands like Poison. His favorite band? Foo Fighters. He owns approximately 15 Foo Fighters T-shirts.  

  • If he isn’t wearing a band T-shirt, he’s wearing a hockey T-shirt, specifically vintage-style Minnesota North Stars or Minnesota Wild.
  • Wes attends Bemidji State University but chose not to play hockey during college. He studies exercise science and wants to go to graduate school for physical therapy. Every Wednesday, he skates with Dom, who was severely injured in a car accident, at a physical rehab sports center.
  • Wes and Holland have a colorful history that began with a bag of jalapeƱo potato chips from a hotel vending machine. You’ll have to read the book someday to find out more.  

To keep the fun going, I'm going to tag Rebecca Barrow and Kari Mari White. I just happen to be critiquing manuscripts from both of these lovely ladies, so the timing seems right.