What's Up Wednesday: Frankly, My Dear Edition

It's been a very long time since I've done a What's Up Wednesday post, but it's time for me to get back on a regular blog schedule, and what better way to start?

What's Up Wednesday hails from the blogs of Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. Join the fun on your own blog and then go to Jaime's to add your link - it's a great way to share what's going on in your life and get to know other bloggers! Here's what's up:
Lots of client work - in fact, client work has been keeping me very busy the last couple of months. I'm also reading fellow YA Buccaneer's Caroline Tung Richmond's THE ONLY THING TO FEAR.
Well, I'm not. I was on a pretty good roll there for a long time, but since August, life has thrown us a few curve balls (not all bad), and between work, kid stuff, client work, and life maintenance, my writing fell into the sacrifice category. Sometimes that happens.

Allowing myself the space and time to get back into my writing after a horribly long break like this - without guilt. Do I feel crappy about the fact that I should have had a revision to my CPs by the end of September but I've barely started on it? Yep, but I have to let it go. I've got to set that aside and just get to work.

I don't even know where to begin... but I'll start with some very positive changes at work, which has been very, very busy. Allergy appointments for my son, who I suspect is allergic to wheat. We'll know for sure in a few more days. An Oktoberfest-themed birthday party for my husband, nephew, and brand new great-nephew, who was born on September 22nd and is super cute and snuggly. A trip to La Crosse for Oktoberfest. A highlight of the fall so far: seeing GONE WITH THE WIND on the big screen with high school friends.

And preparing for next week's highly anticipated North Shore Writing Retreat with six other YA/MG/NF authors. More details and photos next week from the shore of Lake Superior! 

I'm looking forward to making the rounds! What's up with you?


  1. I hope they figure out your son's allergy soon. I have a bunch of friends who allergic to wheat and it sucks but is doable. And as for not writing--sometimes life happens and thats okay!

  2. I so wish I could go to this retreat! It sounds really amazing :-) and I hope you´ll have tons of fun, plus it will be a great way to get back into your writing <3
    Keep us updated on your son´s possible allergies and hope they find out what`s going on!

  3. A retreat sounds like lots of fun! I've never been on a writing retreat. Hopefully they get everything figured out with your son. That doesn't sound fun.

  4. Good for you putting the guilt aside... I have to work on that! Have a blast on the writing retreat. I'm so jealous! I hope this becomes an annual thing and that I can join you sometime. :) I hope they figure out the allergies for you soon.

  5. Hey, yeah. It can be hard getting over the guilt to just do something, even if it's less than you feel like you should be doing. Good luck with it, and juggling all the stuff in your life!


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