Ruby Red Reread

Lately, I've had the Ruby Red bug. Like I need to reread the trilogy - one of my all-time favorites - AGAIN.

I love talking about the Ruby Red trilogy almost as much as reading or listening to the books. I'm lucky enough to have some writer friends that love it as much as I do. We've swooned together and live-tweeted the German Rubinrot film together.

So we thought, hey, why not do a "live" reread over February, March, and April?

Why not, indeed.

Starting tomorrow (or today, if you can't wait), pick up a copy of RUBY RED by Kerstin Gier. Read throughout the month at your own pace and tweet as you read. Tweet your reactions, your swoons, your questions, but NO SPOILERS, please! Let's give Gwen and Gideon lots of love this month.

In March*, we'll reread SAPPHIRE BLUE and in April, EMERALD GREEN.

And it's going to be awesome, people.

If you haven't read the trilogy yet, feel free to join us! Tweet with the hashtag #RubyRedReread.

*The Saphirblau DVD will be released in Germany on March 5. I happen to have a friend who will be in Germany on that day and he's promised to bring me back a copy. CAN'T WAIT!