YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp 2015

It's that time of year again! The YA Buccaneers are hosting a two-month Spring Writing Bootcamp. Teams were announced today, but anyone is welcome to join us at any time along the way, team or no team. There's all kinds of info on the Bootcamp HERE. And don't forget to check out our Word Sprint schedule HERE. I'll be hosting one every Wednesday night at 9 pm CDT through May. Find us on twitter at #YABWordSprint and #SWB2015.


On to my goals.

My goals are pretty simple for this year's Bootcamp. Coming off of February's Writer Recharge, when I had several goals across different categories, my plan is to keep this focused and straightforward.

My goal for APRIL is to start and finish revisions (once again) on The Manuscript Formerly Known As KEYS, which still does not have a title, but which now has a symbol.

I really, really hope you get that. So far I have not written or revised a single word - with a big work event tomorrow and lots of freelance stuff, my writing time has suffered. No more!

My goal for MAY is to finish the first draft of the manuscript I started in February, IF YOU WERE HERE. That's about 30k, which is doable during a busy birthday month at our house.

That's it from here. Stay tuned for Wednesday check-ins and more about the soon-to-be cleverly named TEAM ONE.


  1. Wait. The bootcamp is only two months? I thought it was three. OH WELL DOING MY JUNE GOALS ANYWAY. Hopefully. Maybe. Anyway, good luck with your revisions. I'm doing a lot of that too.


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