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Ready. Set. WRITE! is hosted by Alison MillerKaty UppermanErin Funk, Elodie Nowodazkij, and Jaime Morrow. (More details can be found on their websites.)

Participating in RSW is a great way to set and work toward goals, get to know other writers, and help hold one another accountable. 
  • Re-start revisions on (TMFKA) KEYS - so excited to dive back in. Barely, but yes!
  • Read one book for the YAB Summer Reading Challenge. Yes! A "Road Trip" Book - KISSING IN AMERICA by Margo Rabb.
  • Finish cleaning my office - I made really great progress on Sunday, but a CenturyLink tech is coming on Wednesday, so I need to wrap it up.  Good enough for now. The CenturyLink upgrade didn't happen, though.
  • Watch Teen Beach 2 with Birdy - it premieres Friday night, but I'll be on a Mystery Date Night with Hammer Guy, so I'll have to watch it Saturday. FAIL! Such a busy weekend - I only caught snippets of it.
  • After a crazy couple of weeks, I want to finally make the rounds of the RSW participants. FAIL! Fail, fail, fail. This week was much busier than I thought it would be. 
  • Continue working on (TMFKA) KEYS.
  • Read one book for the YAB Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Make the RSW Rounds.
“No, I’m not going to be nice to you. I won’t go out of my way to treat you like shit, because unlike some people in this car, I believe in the golden rule. But I won’t make any special effort to be nice, Wes.”
He paused and then: “I guess I deserve that. I suppose if you weren’t your usual bitchy self, everyone would know something’s up.” 
“Bite me,” I said to the glass and the flat landscape.
I guess I deserved that, too.
My busy schedule, as usual. I had a work trip to a resort on Mille Lacs Lake, which I will be writing about later this week. I sort of had to relax and spend a lot of time reading by the lake, you know what I mean?

The dock at Eddy's Resort
I love that even though the subject matter is pretty serious, there's a lot of humor. 


  1. My favorite books are ones that balance heady topics with humor. I just read what could be dismissed as fluff romance or chick lit (Worth the Fall by Katie Quinn), but it had a really subtle hand in showing the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship. The slow realization and the strength of female friendships were focused on as much as the romance.

  2. The trip sounds like fun! Great job getting into edits despite the busy schedule. Good luck this week! :)

  3. I DVRed Teen Beach Movie 2 (causing the hubby to roll his eyes) and I just watched part of it this morning. Looks like it'll be as cute as the first one :)


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