RSW 2015 :: That Time I Let My Guard Down

Ready. Set. WRITE! is hosted by Alison MillerKaty UppermanErin Funk, Elodie Nowodazkij, and Jaime Morrow. (More details can be found on their websites.)

Participating in RSW is a great way to set and work toward goals, get to know other writers, and help hold one another accountable. 

I wasn't able to update last week because life, but I'm back on track now.

  • Finish revisions on THE LAST THING YOU SAID.  DONE! This was the perfect time of year to work on this book - summer in Minnesota. Last weekend was Friendly City Days, so I found plenty of inspiration at the parade and carnival. Thanks to my friend Mike for use of the awesome photo below - my characters ride the Tornado in the book. AND I was only two days late turning it in (see below: challenge)
  • Read one book for the YAB Summer Reading Challenge.  DONE! I read WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Aisha Saeed
  • Survive the week.  DONE! 
Albertville Friendly City Days - photo by Mike Schoemer, North Wright County Today

  • Re-start revisions on (TMFKA) KEYS - so excited to dive back in.
  • Read one book for the YAB Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Finish cleaning my office - I made really great progress on Sunday, but a CenturyLink tech is coming on Wednesday, so I need to wrap it up.
  • Watch Teen Beach 2 with Birdy - it premieres Friday night, but I'll be on a Mystery Date Night with Hammer Guy, so I'll have to watch it Saturday. 
  • After a crazy couple of weeks, I want to finally make the rounds of the RSW participants.

In every direction, their world had no end. They looked across the tops of pine and oak and maple, of birch and aspen and willow, to the myriad of lake and river and pond, all glimmering in the summer sunlight. The sight took Lucy's breath away.
Lice. I let my guard down. Thankfully, only Birdy had it this time. Enough said.

This was the 837th revision of THE LAST THING YOU SAID and I feel like finally, FINALLY, I was able to properly articulate why this story had to be written. I was finally able to access some long-silenced emotions and put it down on the page through the experiences of Ben and Lucy in a beautiful, poignant way (I hope).

I hope you have had a wonderful, productive start to RSW - can't wait to say hi to everyone!


  1. Real life always manages to do something awkward to throw a spanner into the works, doesn't it? Glad you managed to hit all your goals despite it though. Good luck with this week, particularly the fun non-writery stuff, it sounds like you really deserve a break! :)

  2. UGH. Lice has got to be the worst! But yay for finishing the revision! (837! Wow!) And I absolutely love the snippet you shared! So GORGEOUS.

    Good luck with your goals this week, Sara! Hope things are less crazy!

  3. Nooooooooooooo, lice! Ack! That's no fun. But awesome you accomplished so much this week despite those little buggers. Good luck this week! :)

  4. Congratulations on hitting your goals! :) It's awesome when a book finally comes together after revisions!

  5. Congrats on hitting your goals and finishing your revision. I have to say, I love your "survive the week" goal. I need to add that to mine. Great line and good luck this week.

  6. Finishing a revision (especially one that feels so on point, as you said) is a huge accomplishment, so good job!! Good luck to meeting your goals this week, and cheers to surviving another week of life and RSW!

  7. Congrats on finishing your revisions! THE LAST THING YOU SAID sounds like an amazing book!
    Oh no, LICE. I had to deal with it in April and it was the worst thing ever. O.O
    Hope you have a great week!

  8. Oh no, lice?! So sorry. But I loved that snippet you shared. Good luck with your goals this week!

  9. Hugs on the lice. I actually never got it but I hear it sucks. Awesome about figuring out your story. Those moments are absolutely amazing.

    In one of my WIPs there are twins. And somehow, in all 11 years since I started writing it (it's that old!), I just recently figured out that the twins are a lot like my sister and I. Except we aren't twins. I think I may have been subconsciously working through some stuff in writing that book. ;) Among other things.

  10. Ugh, lice have been hitting us SO often this last year. I'm thinking about sending my daughter with a bag over her head to school in August ;) Yay to getting those goals!

  11. Sorry for the lice, I can't begin to imagine how that must have affected your already busy week.
    Yay for finishing your revision. I cannot wait to hold this book in my hands :) And yes for diving back into KEYS :) I love this book so much too!

  12. I'm glad you survived the lice and finished your revision! Hopefully this week has been less eventful :)


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