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I have been thinking about Prince for days. The world was shocked and saddened by the news of his death last Thursday, nowhere more than his home state of Minnesota.

I have been thinking about Prince for days, but I'm not sure that I am ready to write about how his death has impacted me. I have been thinking about Prince for days, and crying, and listening to his music and to the rain as it falls over our saddened state.

Photo credit: Erin Pampusch-Bandy

I will say this: although I am not a super fan like many people I know, his loss has been very difficult. I loved a lot of his songs and I admired his creative genius and musical talent. Minnesota was his home, no matter how worldy and famous he became. He was born here, he lived here, he died here. Prince loved his home state, and we loved him. Minnesota was a better place because he lived. The world was a better place because he lived.

I was sick over the weekend, so didn't get a chance to visit Paisley Park or First Avenue, but I will soon. Many thanks to my friend Erin Pampusch-Bandy who did - all of the Prince images here are hers.


Prince. See above. Special thanks to The Current (the MOST awesome listener-supported public radio music station) for devoting themselves to such intelligent, thoughtful coverage, and for Prince A-W. Please check out their blog post, Around the World in a Day: 64 photos documenting the 24 hours following Prince's death.


Minnesota. See above. I love how our state has come together in mourning and celebration, how the death of this one man has brought us together in our shared grief. I am and will always be #MinnesotaProud.


I must tell you that I picked up a copy of THE RAVEN KING on Saturday afternoon, but I will say NO MORE... for now.


Prince. I am happy that he existed. This video is the story of one of my favorite Super Bowl half-time performances (even though I was NOT okay with his Dolphins-colored suit):

Thank you, Prince. Rest in peace and power.

Yeah, everything is beautiful.


  1. I've come here to mourn with you. We are fortunate to have lived in the time of Prince. <3 purple hearts forever.

  2. Thank you for keeping your Reading section so short. We can still be friends.

  3. My copy of TRK has been majorly delayed in its delivery and I am SAD. Tempted to go to B&N, but do I really NEED two copies of this book? Maybe...

    I loved your words about Prince, and I'm so sorry you and your home state in particular have lost him. I graduated in 1999, so I'm sure you can guess what my senior year anthem was. He will be missed!


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