Currently... Take a Hike Edition

Welcome to another edition of Currently, a quick and easy way to share what's going on. Thanks for the idea, Katy Upperman!


As I mentioned in my last post, I listen to a lot of instrumental music while I'm editing. I'm still in a major proofreading whirlwind for one of my clients. I recently added Film Scores Radio on
Pandora and I absolutely love it. Lots of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, and one of my favorite scores, Dances with Wolves.


Last week, Birdy and I finally finished our read aloud of CHAMBER OF SECRETS and started AZKABAN. This is taking forever with the girl. Toad and I had finished the entire series in the amount of time it has taken Birdy and I to read the first two books. Part of it, I think, is that she has seen the first three movies, whereas with Toad, he was not allowed to see the movie until we'd finished the book. So we'll see if we move along any more quickly once we hit GOBLET.


Just heard the news that the Star Wars Original Trilogy will be in theaters this summer! Can't wait to take the kids.


February teased us with warm temperatures, but April has been a joke. It's been cold and windy and I'm wishing for spring. Please hurry


This past weekend was one of my favorite Boy Scout events of the year, the Take a Hike Campout. This year we had 17 Scouts, ranging from brand-new additions to the Troop to Eagle candidates. We stay in a "camper cabin" with nice bunks and bathroom facilities. I was the only female on the trip. Because I was on deadline, I spent most of my time working while the Scouts did their thing, and I'm sorry that I had to miss some of the activities, but overall, it was a great weekend. It's a great group of kids.

The "currently" photo is of the Scouts waiting for their time on the Climbing Tower. Below is a photo of Toad (right) with his friend Adam. They've been in Scouts together since first grade. Seeing them grow and advance together in Scouts makes me happy.

My post is a few hours late due to technical difficulties... but it works out because today is my FIVE YEAR Blog-iversary! Stay tuned - I hope to throw together a giveaway early next week!


  1. That sucks it was so cold for the camping trip, but it looks like the kids still had a blast.

    Happy Blog-iversary!


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