Monday Motivation: Book Deal Edition


Keep Moving Forward has been my writing mantra for many years, since those early days of querying when the rejections rolled in, one after the other. That little reminder has served me well, through rejections and difficult situations and mental blocks.

Every day, I take that one step further: when I scratch out a to-do list in my planner, I include One Thing I can do that will keep me moving forward to my goal of becoming a full-time writer. Sometimes it's as simple as write some words.

My journey to publication was a long one, and I'm proud of my accomplishments so far. Today, I'm sharing my little nugget of Monday Motivation along with some excellent news.


I'm so excited to announce that my wonderful editor at ABRAMS - Amulet Books, Erica Finkel, has moved forward with my second novel, COLD DAY IN THE SUN. I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with Erica and the team at Abrams again. Erica brings such insight and compassion to her work. 

COLD DAY IN THE SUN is the story of Holland Delviss, the only girl on the Halcyon Lake High School boys' hockey team, who's forced to confront gender role expectations and her own self-doubts when she finds herself in the spotlight, under pressure, and falling for the team captain, Wesley "Hot Sauce" Millard.

Writing about hockey - especially writing about a girl who excels in a male-dominated sport - has been both fun and challenging. Hockey was a big part of my high school years (as the JV manager, because there was no girls' hockey team back then), and it's been fun to reach back to those experiences for inspiration.

Many thanks to my fantastic agent, Steven Chudney, who's always good for some Monday Motivation any day of the week. Look for COLD DAY to hit the shelves in spring of 2019, and stay tuned for updates along the way.

In the meantime, keep moving forward, whether it's for NaNoWriMo or querying or reading one more chapter in that book about craft you've been meaning to read.

Keep Moving Foward.