One Word for the New Year

Welcome, 2019. I'm glad to see you.

For several weeks, I thought I had my new word for the new year all figured out. Life had gotten so busy and hectic, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. This year, I've worked hard at mindfulness and have been thinking a lot about the idea of the pause. So I thought that PAUSE would be my word for 2019, even though it was similar to my 2018 word, STILL

At the beginning of December, I crammed in all those medical appointments that I'd put off all year and had to go back for a few follow-ups and tests. Those were some scary days filled with a lot of worry and what-ifs. While everything is fine (except for the usual jacked-up thyroid numbers), it was a gigantic wake-up call. Over-scheduled, overextended, over-stressed. And it's all having a negative impact on my health. 

So instead of focusing on a pause, I've decided to go with a stronger, more assertive word for 2019. 


Once again, I've chosen a word that's layered in meaning. 


It's the last word of my writing-career motto, KEEP MOVING FORWARD, which I lent to the main character in my upcoming YA novel COLD DAY IN THE SUN. This year, I'm even more compelled to keep moving forward - to take action to live the life I've dreamed about and deserve. Forward motion - for my career, my health, my home. Every day, I will actively pursue my goals, whether it's to keep up with my blog and newsletter and social media, "death clean" my house, or work on my health and wellness. I got a good start in December and I'm excited to see what I can accomplish this year. 


COLD DAY IN THE SUN is about Holland Delviss, the only girl on the boys' varsity hockey team. She's a forward, which, in ice hockey, is a position that focuses primarily on assisting or scoring goals. This year, I'm playing forward and I'm gonna light that lamp again and again.


I meant every word for word for word forward.

What's your word for 2019?