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One Word for the New Year | 2020 Edition

Hello, 2020. Let's get right to it. I've got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. My One Word for the New Year is TOGETHER. As usual, the word has layers of meaning for me. When I thought about the last half of 2019 , I knew something had to change. Drastically. I knew that I needed to get my shit together. The phrase "Get your shit together" is obviously more than one word, so I dropped it to TOGETHER. I'm determined to get it together in 2020 in a few different areas of my life: Health and well-being (see yesterday's post) Making writing and creating a priority again Author life maintenance and book promotion Finances The family schedule (I just spent almost two hours calendaring) De-cluttering and simplifying around our home Taxes (We will NOT file an extension this year!) TOGETHER also signifies spending more time with the people I love most. More time of better quality. When I'm TOGETHER with them, I want to be PRESENT with

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One Word for the New Year

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